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Passionate for storytelling, life, and human mystery.



I was born in Spain in 1977, the fifth of six children, and grew up living in the suburbs of Madrid. My father was a tailor, and my mother, a stay-at-home mom. Both were passionate about movies, so my love for films and storytelling came from my early days.


When I was five years old, I fell while playing and severely injured my tongue. I could not speak for three months! In retrospect, that was the exact time that I realized that storytelling and rhetorical speaking were what I loved most. I haven’t stopped talking since.


Then in my teenage years, I became a passionate reader. My high school Latin teacher, an adorable older woman that looked like a nun, suggested that I pursue a literary career. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow her suggestion and instead developed a career as an IT specialist. I know. I excelled in math and science, and everybody said it was a good choice. So, I worked in a telecommunications company for over seven years. The pay was good, but I was unhappy. 


Everything we call bad hides something we call good. That unhappiness made me read everything I could about psychology, metaphysics, and human behavior, which led me to the state of consciousness I find myself in today.


Then in my late 20s, precisely in 2009, I decided -against the opinions of friends and family- to follow my passion for storytelling. I’d always enjoyed writing and drawing, and I started working in a small production company. After that, I began to work as a video producer and video editor.


I moved to Mexico in 2011 and worked with big brands growing a career as a video producer and video editor. At the same time, I broadened my knowledge of filmmaking and scriptwriting with a Diploma at the National School of Cinematographic Arts in Mexico. In 2013, I moved to the U.S., continuing to work as a video producer and constantly writing and drawing.


After my daughter’s birth in 2013 and all the bedtime reading, I became fascinated with children’s picture books. I love to read, and I find that the quality of children’s books is essential to inspire the creation of future readers. After earning a Diploma from the London Art College in children’s picture book illustrations I had a transcendental moment while my father was passing, I wrote and illustrated, Carrots are not for parrots, my first picture book. 


This moment accompanied me to change my habits toward a vegetarian way of eating. I started collaborating with Beauty Consistency; a non-profit blog focused on spreading the concept of beauty with values of love and respect for life and animals.


In early 2020 I had another transcendental moment, a significant connection with God, Spirit, higher intelligence, the source, or whatever we want to call it. That event opened a door with not turning back and drove me on a journey to embrace and accept my deepest darkness to allow love, compassion, gratitude, and creativity to flourish. The result is my new book: Starpale, the star without light.


Every piece of art in any expression is a fragment of us connected with the source.


Much love.